Street Songs

PhD inquiry. Come with Me.

My research seeks to find ways to be gracious and intimate. To draw discussions in toward connectivity rather than exclusion.

The design of the human experience becomes the defining element of my work where research speaks of body and process.

Pottery. Girl Throwing

Those little cups that never get lost.

Little cups - espresso - The Camilla Cup
Set of 4 - $50, $15 each

Block cups - espresso - The Alfred Cup
Set of 3 - $40, $15 each

small cups -

Come Sing Songs

Adult Music Classes for Beginners

Never sung before and want to.

Find your voice.

Be brave.

Sing today.

Byron Bay Industrial Estate
Corner Palm
Monday nights 6-7pm

Coming Soon.

let me know you:

Come Sing Songs. Private

Really want to sing.

Really want to play.

To shy.

Come and play privately to find your inner creator.

Afternoon lessons available & weekends.

111 Fowlers Lane,

Let me know you: