Street Songs

Being Ali E

Ali E steps up to the microphone and through her fringe, her almond eyes observe. "I've never liked being too rigidly set in my ways," says Melbourne based songwriter/guitarist who's recent solo work Creatures are the kind of projects

Fuck that shit, I have to meditate.

Great Art evokes dynamic contemplation and takes us to a place where, for a moment, the world is soft and clear. Silence, after all, is the most revered quality of The Arts. But finding the quiet amongst the noise is

#Funk Wabi

Melodies move through time and space in many ways. Adam Wojcinski from the Australian Bush makes music, but doesn't play a note. His melodies weave together many art forms and flow past our beating hearts in liquid form.

"You make

Stella = Star

The Aztecs worshiped one, Van Gogh painted them in psychedelic swirls, Mozart fallaciously composed about them, and the Three Wise Men followed one. Stella Angelico, Melbourne born Italian/Australian tribal-soul songstress, fresh on Melbourne's core music scene, is more than