Pottery. Girl Throwing

Those little cups that never get lost.

Little cups - espresso - The Camilla Cup
Set of 4 - $50, $15 each

Block cups - espresso - The Alfred Cup
Set of 3 - $40, $15 each

small cups -

Come Sing Songs

Adult Music Classes for Beginners

Never sung before and want to.

Find your voice.

Be brave.

Sing today.

Byron Bay Industrial Estate
Corner Palm
Monday nights 6-7pm

Coming Soon.

let me know you: monique@streetsongs.co

Come Sing Songs. Private

Really want to sing.

Really want to play.

To shy.

Come and play privately to find your inner creator.

Afternoon lessons available & weekends.

111 Fowlers Lane,

Let me know you: monique@streetsongs.co