Come Sing Songs

Adult Music Classes for Beginners

Never sung before and want to.

Find your voice.

Be brave.

Sing today.

Byron Bay Industrial Estate
Corner Palm
Monday nights 6-7pm

Coming Soon.

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Come Sing Songs. Private

Really want to sing.

Really want to play.

To shy.

Come and play privately to find your inner creator.

Afternoon lessons available & weekends.

111 Fowlers Lane,

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Emily Ulman: Looking Good in Her Skin

Many claim to wear the badge of singer/songwriter, but it is a title few can authentically say they own. Melbourne's Emily Ulman, with her soon to be released album, Wear It Well, definitely fits the songstress category. But what

Sahara Beck - Tapping Away Her Way

Breathing is natural. But different for Sahara Beck, she breathes through her ears. “I don’t sit down to write. I’ll sit down to play and then I’ll think ooo what's that, that’s nice, that's different’.” This